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Software and Resources

Psychophysics Toolbox - Matlab routines for performing psychophysical experiments and related calculations.

RenderToolbox4 - Matlab routines that support high-quality stimulus rendering for psychophysics.

ISETBIO - Image systems engineering tools for biology.

BrainardLabToolbox - Matlab rouines useful in the Brainard Lab, and that might be useful for others.

Silent Substitution Toolbox - Matlab rouines to support specification and valiation of silent substitution stimuli.

mQUESTPlus - Matlab implementation of Watson's QUEST+.

ToolboxToolbox - Package manager for Matlab.

UPenn Natural Image Database - Calibrated and annotated color image database.

Brainard Lab Hyperspectral Image Database - Calibrated indoor hyperspectral images.

Brainard Lab Wiki - Mostly for internal lab use

Aguirre Lab Wiki - Our close collaborator

Preregistered Experiments - We preregister our experiments.  Here is a list.